PFLEIDERER: Acquiring shares in the Jura Polska Ltd.
(issuing company – PAP – Friday, January 7th, 5:04pm)

Current report 1/2005 Management of Pfleiderer Grajewo Co. (further referred to as “the Company”) informs that on 07/01/2005, the Company has purchased from Jura Spedition GmbH with the seat in Neumarkt, Germany, 100 shares in Jura Polska Limited amounting to the par value of PLN 1.000 per share.

The shares mentioned above constitute 100% of the initial capital of Jura Polska Ltd. and give the right to 100% of votes in the General Meeting of the shareholders of the above-mentioned company.

The Company has purchased the shares described above for the total price of EUR 250.000.

The above-mentioned shares were purchased by the Company in order to optimize the costs of providing logistics services.

The criteria for recognizing as assets of considerable value is exceeding 20% of the initial capital of Jura Polska Ltd. by the purchased shares.

The purchase of the shares is financed from the Company’s own means.

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